• New Mahogany

    New Mahogany

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    This is an example of a new bespoke longcase clock featuring a 10″ dial standing around 6′ 4″ tall. The case is construted made from solid mahogany and English oak. The front elevation is enhanced with a fine curl mahogany  veneer.

  • Satinwood Mantle Clock

    Satinwood Mantle Clock

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    This image illustrates a case built to customer specification to house a period French movement. The case is constructed from both solid satinwood and satinwood veneer. The front elevation features ebony banding and canted corners.

  • Fromanteel


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    This is an example of a new clock case and dial built around a period movement.  The case built of English oak is decorated with with fine walnut veneer and cross grain walnut mouldings.  Inspired by clock maker Ahasuerus Fromanteel this clock also features fine sound frets to the front of the hood and the side windows.