Gothic Bracket Clock

March 17, 2019

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Gothic Bracket Clock

A Fabulous solid oak gothic revival bracket clock with original matching bracket. Built around 1870 by Wm McGregor of Edinburgh. The fine quality three train fusee clock movement features original chain linkage between barrels. It Chimes each quarter on eight bells and strikes the hour on a lovely resonant gong. The beautifully engraved silvered dial also features a strike / silent and pendulum adjustment facility.

The case made of finest quality oak is in excellent condition and features many carved elements and aspects typical of gothic style architecture.  The side frets also made of oak are backed in red silk to allow the sound to resonate beyond the case.  The rear door is glazed and if displayed on a table without it’s bracket allows one to view the movement and pendulum operation.

The robust wall mounted bracket appears to be original. Although marginally darker in colour, it mirrors the footprint of the clock, is made of oak and also features gothic style carvings.

Dimensions –

Clock – 78cm tall, 47cm wide and 27.5cm deep.

Bracket – 30cm tall, 52cm wide and 29cm deep.

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